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Universal Wire Stress Relaxation Testing Machine
  • ØUniversal Wire Stress Relaxation Testing Machine is confirm with IS 6006 (1983). ØCapacity:- 10 Ton / 10000kg .Or Customized ØType:- Double Pillar Heavy still structure ->Vertical Bench Top PLC based Touch Panel HD HMI. ØTesting Area :- Tension, Relaxation, Compression Through moving Heavy cross-head. ØHorizontal Clearance:- 300-350mm , Vertical Clearance:- 1200 mm. ØCross-head Max travel:- 1000mm. ØAdjustable cross head through Vertical Moving pillars controlled by imported gear mechanism with servo drive controlled motor. ØCross-head speed range :- 0.5 to 250mm/min . ØCross-head speed selection:- 0.2 % increment of speed range . ØSpeed Accuracy:- +/- 1% . ØLoad Measuring accuracy:- +/- 0.5% of indicated load. ØRanges:- 100 % of load cell in use . ØServo drive controlled motor through PLC Control touch Panel as well as Computerized . ØBothe maximum and minimum limits are controlled through switches. ØAuto overload or set point controlled through PLC.
  • ØLatest MS Windows 10 based software As per On line supports. ØFor test programming, evolution and logging using a windows user interface combined with PC. ØTesting methods both On line and off line arrangements. Øpower unit.:- 3 Phase 440V/50-60Hz/1hp . ØAn Energy saving technology .
  • Hardware: High speed electronic PLC’s with program converter , 7” HD Touch screen with compatible to connect through Ethernet port,
  • Firmware: Simultaneous display of load, Time , Load VS Time Graphs, Time VS Relaxation Graphs
  • LAN Connection to PC, Advanced Memory Management, Multi Coefficient Calibration. Data''s can be analyze with real time management software (optional scada).
  • Optional Accessory:
  • ØSCADA software. ØData Acquisition, processing and filing. Printout of customized test certificates. ØOn line customer software support through internet as and when required through Ethernet port.
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