Testing & Surveying Instruments

We are leader in industry engaged in manufacturing, exporting and trading to our clients with our best efforts and high class Testing & Surveying Instruments, here in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Plc Servo Control Medium Pressure Servo-Controlled Hydraulic Actuators For Structural Load
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Vertical Double Pillar Tensile Cap 100 KN For Laboratory
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Digital Tile MOR (MODULES OF RUPTURE) Test Machine Cap-1000 KGS, S 1000x1000 MM
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Chair Base Compression Test Machine
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Automatic Soil Proctor Compaction Test Machine
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Tile Adhesion Testing Machine - 2000 KGF
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Manhole Cover Testing Machine
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Universal Wire Stress Relaxation Testing Machine
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Compression Testing Machine
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Humidity Chamber
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High Temperature Furnace
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Hot Air Oven
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Tensile Testing Machine Grip
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Grip For Tensile Test
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Geotextile Testing Instruments
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Plastic Film, Rubber, Paper Tensile Strength Testing Machine
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Digital Peel Strength Tester
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Fabrics Tensile Strength Testing Machine -50 KN
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Universal Wire Stress Relaxation Testing Machine
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Tile Testing Machine
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Hydraulic Jack
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Double Acting Pumping Unit
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Pull Out Test Jack Cap. 50 Ton
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Hydraulic Jack
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Calibration Service Of Civil Lab Equipment's
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Building Materials, Tools And Equipment
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Big Display Coloured Load Indicator
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Round Load Cell with Indicator Up To - 2000 KN
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Digital Peak Load Indicator
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Accelerated Curing Tank
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Hot Air Oven for Sterilization
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Tray Dryer Big Size
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Cold Chamber
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Plate Load Equipment
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Hydraulic Jack
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Automatic Level Instrument - Sokkia,Topcon
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Digital Theodolite
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Surveying Instruments Total Station
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Humidity Chamber -90LTR
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Digital Viscosity Bath
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Muffle Furnace -9"x4"x4"
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Laboratory Tray Dryer
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Digital Water Bath
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Triaxial Shear Test Apparatus
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Sieve Shaker Machine Soundless 8",12",18"
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Relative Density Apparatus
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Swell Pressure Apparatus 2.5 kn
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Soil Permeability Apparatus
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Direct Shear Apparatus
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Standard Penetration Test Kit
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Soil Permeability Test Apparatus
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Laboratory Vane Shear
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Hydraulic Soil Extractor
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Digital Triaxial Test Apparatus with Data Logger
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CBR Machine 50 Kn
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Tile Abrasion Testing Machine
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Tiles Flexural Testing Machine
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Pan Type Concrete Mixer Machine
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Vibration Machine
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Planetary Mixer
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Digitally Control Table Vibrator
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Concrete Permeability Test Apparatus
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Rapid Chloride Penetration Test Apparatus
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Digital Paver Block Testing Machine
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Spring Testing Machines
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Semi Automatic Cube Testing Machine
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Display Cube Testing Machine 3000KN
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Hand Operated Cube Testing Machine 1000 Kn
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Los Angles Abrasion Testing Machine
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Digital Square Manhole Cover Testing Machine
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Digital Flexural Testing Machine
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Spring Type Sieve Sheker Vibration Machine -8"
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Loading Frame with Pumping Unit
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Digital Four Pillar Cube Testing Machine
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Digital Cube Testing Machine 2000KN
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Digital Consolidation Test Apparatus with Data Logger
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Concrete Table Vibrator
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Digital Flexural Testing Machine 500KG for MOR Testing
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Flexural Testing Machine -100 KN
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Circular Manhole Cover Testing Machine
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Manhole Cover Testing Machine
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Model Of Irregularities In Structures
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Model for Pounding Effect
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Model Of Bracing System
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Uni Axle Shake Table
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Mode Shape Model - Earth Quake Testing
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Single Axle Shake Table
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Horizontal Shake Table
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Pipe Hydro-Testing Machine (PHTM)
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Digital Universal Testing Machine
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UTM/ Tensile/ MOR/ Shear Test/ Bonding/ Tile Testing Machine
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Paper Core Compression Strength Tester
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Hand Operated Paver Block Testing Machine
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50 Kn CCS MOR Compression Testing Machine For Castable
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Digital Compression Testing Machine - 2000KN
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Digital Concrete Testing Machine 1000KN
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Digital Concrete Testing Machine 2000KN Plate Type
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Hand Operated Concrete Testing Machine 500 Kn
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Computerize Compression Testing Machine
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Automatic Compression Testing Machine
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SBT Test of Concrete Sleepers
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Single Piller Tensile Testing Machine/Wire Testing Machine/Rope testing
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Double Pillar Tensile Testing Machine
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Wire Rope Strength Testing Machine
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Testing equipments
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Earth Quake Testing Equipment
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Pipe Hydro-Testing Machine
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Universal Testing Machine
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Sleeper Testing Equipment
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Tensile Testing Machine
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