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Paper Core Compression Strength Tester
Product description:
We have marked a dynamic position in the market by providing the finest quality range of Paper Core Compression Strength Tester.

  • We manufacture and supply Pneumatically Operated Paper Core Compression Strength Tester which is used for testing the core collapsing strength
  • It has adjustable testing area to accommodate specimen sizes and shapes
  • It is pneumatically operated piston to apply the pressure
  • Maximum pressure to crush the test sample recorded on a gauge with peak pointer
Other Details:
  • Paper tubes and bobbins are used as yarn carriers while paper cores are generally used for paper plastic film reels
  • The collapsing force, which the carriers are capable of resisting, is dependent upon the following factors
  • Quality and Quantity of paper
  • Quality and Quantity of adhesive
  • Manufacturing process
  • Moisture content in the carrier
  • Physical size and dimensions
  • It is very difficult for a user to know all the above factors and their influence on the strength of the carrier
  • It is equally difficult for a manufacturer to know the effect of each variable quantitatively
  • But it is very easy for both the user and manufacturer to differentiate between good and bad and adopt a suitable standard of monitoring the quality of the carrier
  • Collapsing strength tester is designed in such a manner that gradually increasing force is generated applied on the surface of the carriers
  • The sharp collapsing point can be easily detected with the help of a Loadcell and Microprocessor based digital indicator
  • Since this machine directly measure the collapsing force, no calculations are required and hence, the readings are direct and most accurate
  • For Paper Tubes 1 Cores used as Winding Medium I Carrier, Radial Crush Test is performed
  • For Paper Tubes 1 Cores used as Packing Material, Flat Crush Test and Vertical Crush Test can be performed
  • Capacity500 kgf at 6 kg/cm2Accuracy0.50 kg (50g)Display Unitkgf and NMaximum Grip Separation200mmDeformation Speed300mm/minCalibrationSelf CalibratedOverload Protection-Power220V AC 50Hz