Civil Lab & Concrete Lab Equipments

Our range of products include Concrete Testing Machines such as Flexural Testing Machine, Digital Load Indicator, Core Cutting Machine, Computerize Compression Testing Machine, Digital Cube Testing Machine, Vibration Table and many more items.

Digitally Control Table Vibrator
Industrial Supplies > Industrial & Engineering Goods > Vibrating Table Offer Description We are one of the trusted names involved in offering technologically advanced range of Vibrating Tables. These are generally used for proper compaction of cement concrete. Besides, these are also helpful for casting specimens for compression testing ensuring homogeneous mixture of the concrete. Available in the size of 500 mm x 500 mm, these vibrating tables are also provided with stops along its edges in order to prevent moulds from sliding off the table during operation

Specifications :
  • Size: 750 mm X 750 mm

Planetary Mixer
Planetary Mixer is an ideal mixer for the products of different viscosities, densities, shapes & proportions. The major use includes the production of latexes, adhesives, personal care & cleaning products, dispersion & micro-dispersion of chemicals & agricultural pesticide formulations. It is suitable for mixing / blending powders as well as thorough mixing of ointments, creams, lotions, toothpastes, resins, slurries, ceramics, colours, pigments, rubber & other compounds etc.

Salient Features:
  • All contact parts - AISI-304 or 316, 304L or 316L
  • Jacketed bowls can be provided for heating / cooling of products during mixing
  • Bowl mounted on castor wheels for easy mobility
  • Provision to mix products under vacuum for de-aireation purpose. Mechanical seal is provided instead of stuffing box for shaft sealing for vacuum operation

Vibration Machine
Also called mould vibrator or mortar cube vibrator
Concrete moulds are easily cast by using a tamping bar or a vibrating table. However air trapped in cement mortar paste can not be thus removed while casting cement mortar moulds. Easy method is to impart greater vibration of lesser amplitude to the mould while casting. This is achieved in a vibrating machine. Vibration machine is used for the preparation of mortar cubes for the determination of compression strength of ordinary and rapid hardening portland cement, low heat portland cement, portland bleast furnace cement and high alumina cements.

  • The machine consists of a vibrating frame assembly and an electric motor mounted on a sturdy base. The complete frame assembly consists of a vice to hold a 7.06cm cube mould and two studs threaded at top and a hopper to feed the sample in the mould. This assembly is supported on four springs and has an in built rotating shaft which rotates eccentrically and thus imparts vibrations to the entire frame. A balance weight is an integral bottom part of the frame. The centre of gravity of the assembly is brought to the centre of the eccentric shaft or within a distance of 25mm below it.
  • The electric motor drives the shaft of the frame and thus imparts required vibrations to the mould.
  • The frequency of vibration is 12000+/-400 vibration per minute. Supplied complete with on 7.06cm cube mould with loose base plate, a time switch 0-5mins x 1min and certificate of vibration from a standard laboratory.
  • Spares : Set of Springs, Belt and Belt guard.
Pan Type Concrete Mixer Machine
The efficient mixing of concrete prior to molding specimens in the laboratory for Subsequent testing is essential if quality Specimens are to be manufactured. The object of mixing is to be coat the surface of all aggregate particles with cement paste, and bring the mix to a uniform condition. Pan or rotating drum mixers are suitable for the mixing of concrete which are generally used in a laboratory ASTM C192.

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Brand/Make KJ
Capacity 10kg to 1000kg
Model/Type Fast and Accurate mixing of raw material.
Bowl Size 700*420*1550m6 feet (L) X 500 mm (H)/5 feet (L) X 400 mm (H)
Power 7.5 H.P. Three Phase Motor/ 5 H.P. Three Phase Motor
Top Plate 8 mm thick M.S./8 mm thick M.S.
Side Plate 5 mm thick M.S./ 5 mm thick M.S.
Batch Capacity 500 kg/350 kg
We offers very comprehensive and low maintenance Pan Mixture Machine for construction & paver moulding. We offer notch quality Concrete Pan Mixture that have gained wide appreciation for its quality standards. Designed in compliance with international quality standards these Concrete Pan Mixture provide with a base plate, Two side plate.
Portable and compact, Tipping Mechanism, Adjustable blades, Simple to clean and maintain.
It is essential that the mixing of fresh concrete for laboratory test samples is thorough and consistent. The Concrete mixer is ideally suited for this purpose. The mixer has been developed to five efficient mixing of both wet and dry materials. The mixing pan is removable and tilts for easy access to the pan an emptying on completion of the mixing operation. It is rotated by a turntable driven by a 1500 W. protected electric motor. The mixer head lifts clear to provide maximum access to the pan and holds the mixing blades at a constant depth during the mixing operation. The blades are readily adjusted to suit the different types and volume of materials to be mixed. Capacity up to 40 litres or better.
The machine is suitable for aggregate size up to 20 mm or more.