Pan Type Concrete Mixer Machine

The efficient mixing of concrete prior to molding specimens in the laboratory for Subsequent testing is essential if quality Specimens are to be manufactured. The object of mixing is to be coat the surface of all aggregate particles with cement paste, and bring the mix to a uniform condition. Pan or rotating drum mixers are […]

Vibration Machine

Also called mould vibrator or mortar cube vibrator Concrete moulds are easily cast by using a tamping bar or a vibrating table. However air trapped in cement mortar paste can not be thus removed while casting cement mortar moulds. Easy method is to impart greater vibration of lesser amplitude to the mould while casting. This […]

Planetary Mixer

Planetary Mixer is an ideal mixer for the products of different viscosities, densities, shapes & proportions. The major use includes the production of latexes, adhesives, personal care & cleaning products, dispersion & micro-dispersion of chemicals & agricultural pesticide formulations. It is suitable for mixing / blending powders as well as thorough mixing of ointments, creams, […]

Digitally Control Table Vibrator

Industrial Supplies > Industrial & Engineering Goods > Vibrating Table Offer Description We are one of the trusted names involved in offering technologically advanced range of Vibrating Tables. These are generally used for proper compaction of cement concrete. Besides, these are also helpful for casting specimens for compression testing ensuring homogeneous mixture of the concrete. […]